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1. On your browser address bar type '' and click return [Screen shot of iphone with safari browser running with typed in the address bar]

2. You'll see the Add Note page. [Screen shot of Top of Add Page]
This is how you can start running Notes2 from any device. You can begin dictating or typing a new note.

3. If you're running on a cell phone you will want to create an icon on your home screen because its more convenient to start Notes2 by simply clicking the icon. How to create an icon: with the up arrow thru it

b. Select the icon 'Add to Home Page' and click it

c. On the next screen, find the 'Add' word on top right
and click it

d. A Notes2 icon is now on your Home screen.

4. If you lose your icon on your cell phone home page, you can quickly just create another one by following above steps.

5. Now click your Notes2 icon from you cell phone home page and start running Notes2.