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QuickSearch recall

Find (recall) your note(s) using the QuickSearch screen, which is accessed clicking the button on the Change, Add Note and Appointments screens.
When the screen comes up, it will already have all your notes displayed with one line per note in reverse added date order (latest on top) one line per note. It will also display 4 fields of data about each record.
Clicking the asterisk (*) in far left column will bring up the Change Screen with the full note and all its fields displayed for reading and editing.

The QuickSearch screen offers 6 other search order based on fields in notes records:


For example if you click the Notes button, the records will be sorted alphabetically on what is in the Note field of each record.
There is also an option to only display records where the Category field is equal to some title in the Categories table. You can then click any of the 7 fields and see those records in that order.

3 other buttons immediately under the Quick Search title are:

Add Note - Goes to the Add Note screen My Settings - Goes to the My Settings screen - See help article Word Search - Searches thru all notes for a word in any field and displays a table of those records
If a note is encrypted, the Note column will only display "This is an encrypted note." It is recommended that before a note is encrypted, some identifying information is put into the Field1 field which will be displayed on most sort selections.
Allowing you to select your note from a sorted list of your notes is a unique feature of Notes2. If you want to find a note by searching for a value instead, use the Word Search button.

System Notes - Buttons on most screens:

Appointments - Displays your appointments and the appointments system Help - Displays the Table of Contents for Help files Log Out - Recommended you click this when finished to prevent hackers from accessing your account

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