Human memory is so short,
Within 1 day we have forgotten 25% of what we learned yesterday,
Within 1 week we have forgotten 75% of we learned a week ago.


Using Notes2 you will be able to recall the important information in your life and have a
big advantage over those that can't.

Your privacy is being exposed on a daily basis by the incompetency and intention of our government and corporations as reported by the news outlets.

Notes2 consists of 5 programs:

           PowerTool (contact manager)
           Secure Message

designed to strongly protect the privacy of your information while providing easy-to-learn and use capabilities to give you a big advantage.

Your selected sensitive data is ENCRYPTED ON THE SERVER for Notes, Passwords and Secure Message. If the server is hacked or backup tapes stolen, your sensitive data remains in encrypted format and not in clear text so you are protected.

The Secure Message program allows you to communicate with anyone more securely than email and text messaging applications and avoids leaving a trail that a message has even been sent. Its virtually impossible to decrypt the message if intercepted, but easy for the receiver, who does not have to be a Notes2 user.

Each of the 5 programs are integrated and work together as a package but you can select only those that you wish to use.

"Knowledge IS Power"

You can reach this page by typing in from any browser. You can click any of the 5 colored buttons to get a description and run the program. When you first get prompted for a username and password, click the Become A Trial User. No credit card required. You'll have free use of all 5 programs for 30 days and a chance to decide if Notes2 will make your life more successful and more private.

Thank you for checking out our unique solution to improve your life.