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Voice Dictation Yes
Run on cell phone, computer and tablet Yes
Encryption for Guaranteed Privacy Yes
Send Encrypted Messages Yes
New Find Notes method with Word Search Yes
Data Stored in the Cloud Yes
No Contract RequiredYes
30 day FREE Trial Yes
Integrated Appointments Yes
Telephone Support Available as option Yes
Categorize Notes Yes
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Telephone 720.530.6105
Updated 30may19 jdr a new design note taking application with improved privacy protection on sensitive information thru optional encryption, new easy to Find method that does not require you to know what you are looking for and the ability to assign a category to your notes. Allows you to send encrypted note to others.

Voice dictate your ideas quickly.... while they're fresh in your mind.

Just click the Notes2 icon from your home screen, 2 clicks on the Add Note screen and start dictating (or typing if you prefer). Voice dictation saves time according to Stanford University. Tests show its 3 times faster!

Send encrypted messages More private than email or text messages

Does not use public cell phone networks, no record of history. Can be sent and received on all devices, such as computers and pads, not just cell phones.

Integrate your To Do lists and appointments using the Appointment program....

Simple and Easy to Learn.... Start running immediately.

Brief instructions at top of each screen. More extensive Help files from Help button.

Can be run from any cell phone, tablet or computer.... that can connect to the internet

Supports all popular browsers.

Find your information easily.... Uses new sort technology to help find your notes without exact recall


A big improvement over older methods of searching which require you to know what you are looking for. Notes2 offers the new approach of SORTING all your notes by any one of 6 fields. Then just look down the sorted list and find the note(s) you want.

Or use Word Search and let Notes2 find it for you.

Assign a Category to your notes.... Helps you find all notes for one category For example one category can be To Do. You can quickly make a To Do list.

Keep All Passwords Encrypted in One Place

Improve your Privacy and Security.... Phones and laptops get lost and stolen frequently

You should never store your sensitive information on mobile devices. Use the convenience of cell phones and portable computers but use Notes2 which stores your data encrypted on the secure and and private Notes2 host site. If your device is lost or stolen your data is still safe and available to you and unavailable to anyone who found or stole your device.

Encrypt your sensitive information.... Complete privacy, even from people at the hosting site!

The new paradigm is to take control of your data instead of 'trusting' the hosting company to protect you. Using Notes2, you have the additional security of encrypting sensitive individual notes with their own password. Your note field is fully encrypted when stored at the host site. Neither the employees at the host nor anyone who breaches security can read your encrypted notes.

Try it, you'll like it!

The best way to learn about Notes2 is to sign up for a Free trial and run it yourself. Click red button below.

Updated 30may19 1336 jdr